Liz Hartman

for LOSD School Board

“We inspire students to be critical thinkers who are empowered to contribute positively in a complex world.”

Vision of the Lake Oswego School District

I’m Liz Hartman and I will run for re-election to continue on the Lake Oswego School District Board of Education. I want your vote to continue to hear our citizens’ thoughts, insights, experiences and vision as the School District delivers an outstanding public education for every student in Lake Oswego.

The pandemic has confirmed that the ability to change and master every day needs is paramount to dealing with our future. We want our students to be prepared as adults. When they face the issues we have faced over the past year – and they will in many different ways- they will be prepared because of their Lake Oswego education and a community that supports students.

I believe in public education. I know Lake Oswego can reach a 100% graduation rate. I know that when education is funded and predictable, all things are possible.

As your school board member, I have successfully completed all levels of certification through OSBA, including the state leadership academy, to champion education policy at a state level. By pursuing certification and gaining membership on the state board of directors and the legislative policy committee,  LOSD has a seat at the table for decisions impacting our community. This means a voice to provide consistent, predictable, and adequate funding for the K-12 student. No one else on the Board serves in this capacity and there is more work to be done.

My roots are deep in the school district. I have volunteered at the elementary, middle and high school levels as a parent club leader, member of the school advisory committees and raised money for individual schools through auctions and for the district as a member of the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation Board of Directors. I’ve advocated for local option levy campaigns, promoted the Bond campaign, and committed to keeping our schools on a scheduled maintenance plan.

I was elected by the Board as Chair to lead for two consecutive terms. I know what it takes to be part of a results-oriented board operating with transparency and excellence in all decisions. The Boards I have served with have hired two outstanding superintendents, passed a bond funding the new Lakeridge junior high school, and updated security at our schools. I know our community. I will continue to visit back-to-school nights, attend our incredible school sporting and cultural events, and support student voices in our decision-making process. My goal for the next four years is to have all our facilities on track to meet a 21st century education – leading with equity – for every student.

We have an exceptional school district and community. I am committed to developing the relationships with our students, parents, teachers, staff, City and community members to advance these opportunities.

I look forward to hearing from you as we prepare for the May 2021 election.

Liz Hartman